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This is our Support Policy and Post-Sale Support details. This policy is part of the general Terms and Conditions of this site.

Issues with the Configuration of the Plugin

Provide us detailed information about the issue by opening a Support Ticket from the Support Board, and we will help you understand how the system works. We cannot provide efficient support if your request does not include a detailed description of the problem and the expected result. Poorly explained situations will cause delays with the resolution of the problem. Help us helping you!

Setting up your website and the Plugin

We are a WordPress Plugin and Theme development company, we are not a web-agency that builds website for the End Users. Our main target of clients is everyone who is familiar with WordPress and all its functions. We focus on specific types of business to provide efficient Plugins that can assist webmasters build and deliver the final website. You should hire a developer if you need help configuring your WordPress website.

Issues with the WordPress CMS or third party Plugins

Web software and applications evolve very rapidly and so does WordPress and any Plugin. Updates for WordPress are released to improve the usability and security, and the same thing applies to the Plugins to provide also new features. Keeping the software up-to-date is fundamental, and we do not guarantee solutions to problems if the software is outdated, either if it's a Theme, a Plugin, or WordPress itself. Additionally, third party Plugins may break our Plugins if they are not following certain standards and common practices. Our company can help you spot the issues, but we can't do anything if the problems are caused by third party Plugins or Themes. You should contact their developers in this case.

Themes issues and conflicts

Our Plugins can be used with any third party Theme. There is no need to use one of ours. However, sometimes your Theme may use certain styles, rules or frameworks that could break the graphical layout of some pages of the Plugin. Our designers can help you locate these issues, and solutions should be available so long as your Theme uses recent versions of JavaScript and CSS frameworks, such as jQuery and Bootstrap. However, our Plugins cannot be blamed because of a Theme that does not follow the web evolving and changing, or because of certain strict rules. When using third party Themes, it may be necessary to have to adjust some colors, margins, widths and heights of certain elements, and being familiar with the Browser Inspector tool would make things easier. You can count on our help, but we do not guarantee a resolution to the problem in this case, if the resolution is meant as a customization of the Theme that was not developed by our company.

Code customization

The software is provided "as is". The plugins are described on our website with all their functions, and our team is available 24/7 to clarify any doubt prior to the purchase. Support requests received for code customization are very rarely answered positively, and very often answered negatively. Feature requests are welcome, and we are available to clarify how the software performs certain actions, but we won't be able to provide any kind of information related to the lines of code, or to code examples. You should hire a programmer in this case.

CSS Customization

We understand that you or your client may prefer the color Green to Blue. Customizing the default styles of a Plugin or a Theme is often necessary, also to obtain a unique result. However, modifications to the graphical layout and CSS rules are still considered as code customization. We mainly work with developers, web-agencies, designers and programmers that are supposed to know how to tweak certain layouts by using the Browser Inspector tool. Our designers will provide helpful guidelines in order to help you adjust the default rules, but we cannot do the modifications for you, not even for an additional fee. Paid and custom support is not offered. Also, our Plugins and WordPress offer certain functions for modifying the default colors and CSS rules. The tools for applying any kind of CSS customization are available, that's all we can guarantee.

JavaScript/jQuery Errors

Modern websites use JavaScript as client-side programming language to make the pages interact with the browser. Themes, Plugins and Widgets use JavaScript too, maybe wrapped into a framework like jQuery or MooTools, to build certain functions or effects. There are many different JavaScript frameworks and versions available, and a non-proper use of JavaScript libraries may break the entire website or Plugin. For example, the datepicker calendar doesn't show up when clicked, or a slideshow of images is stuck. These examples explain a classic case of JavaScript error/conflict. Our Support Team can help you understand who is responsible of the JavaScript error, but here again it may be caused by third party systems that use outdated libraries, or load incorrectly certain JavaScript files in the page. Our Documentation and Knowledge Base sections provide helpful guidelines to identify who is causing a certain JavaScript error, but we do not guarantee the resolution of the problem if our Themes or Plugins are not responsible of the issue.

Suggestions and feature requests

We love to hear suggestions and ideas from our clients. That's how we can improve our Plugins. However, we build software for the masses and although your suggestions may be useful and brilliant, our programmers will have to evaluate multiple circumstances in order to not create conflicts between existing functions. Feature requests are always added to our change-log, and they are analyzed by our programmers during the development of the new versions of the Plugins. The features with the higher number of requests will have a higher priority than those with a low number of requests, which may not be implemented in the next versions of the Plugin. We do not offer paid customization services, and it would be better to not look for such services, or you won't be able to install future updates of the Plugins anymore.

Bug reports

Bugs shall be crashed. New features often give life to new bugs, but our experienced team of programmers does its best to release bug-free software. Please do report the errors you have encountered in our software, but in order to identify the bug and reproduce the situation on our servers, we need you to be extremely precise and detailed. Either a patch or an update will be released as soon as the issue is closed, all depending on the severity of the case.

Talk to someone/real-time support

We are known for offering high quality support. The reviews received by our software for any CMS speak by themselves. Support is offered via email or through Support Tickets opened from our Support Board. We are very fast in providing answers, but we are not immediate. Every support request will be added to the support queue, and will be processed as soon as our team members are available. We do not offer support over the phone, Skype or any other chat/support system. This is to avoid any language incomprehension and to help our forums (Support Board) grow with resolutions to various issues and questions. There are some exceptions for our e4jConnect Paid Customers, especially during the setup of channels like and Expedia in Vik Channel Manager, where we can also provide phone support. For any other questions and issues, our Support Board is the only way to access the technical support.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details about the duration of the Support Policy.

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