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With the VikWP Counters widget you can create as many counter you want. It'd be useful if you'd lke to show the numbers of your activity. Here an example:

VikWP Counters widget

The widget is very flexible, it allows you to add an image for each counter, or to select an icon from a selection of FontAwesome icons, and order them in different rows with different text for each row. The parameters for the widget are:

VikWidgetsLoader - VikWP Counters Widget Admin

  • Title - Title of the widget
  • Number of Counters - Number of counters shown in the widget. Save the number of counter to see them get added to the right panel.
  • Padding Size - The size of the space between the counters.
  • CSS Class - In this field you can add some custom class.

You can then select the following from each counter:

  • Counter Image - For each counter you can add a image that will be displayed above the value, title and description.
  • Counter Icon Type - If you want to show an icon instead, it is required to select one of the four icons type: Default, Regular, Solid, Brand. Each icon could have one or more type associated. If the icon selected is not part of that Icon Type, you will not see any icon preview correctly, than you should just change the icon type.
  • Counter Icon - The icon you want to show. Please, see the full list in the offical icon library FontAwesome.
  • Counter Value - This is the number to reach starting from 0.
  • Counter Title - The title of your counter.
  • Counter Description - The description of your counter.
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