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The VikWP Icons widget is used to display several icons, optionally with individual links and text. They can be used in the middle of your page to represent different functionalities, or as links for your social accounts.

Seasons - Icons Widget Front

The widget is very flexible, it allows you to select icons from a selection of FontAwesome icons, and order them in different rows with different text for each row. The parameters for the widget are:

VikWidgetsLoader - VikWP Icons Widget Admin

  • Title - Title of the widget
  • Icons Displayed - Number of icons shown in the widget. Save the number of icons to see them get added to the right.
  • Icons Size - Size of the icons.
  • Icons Style - You can choose between regular icons or icons with a circle around them.
  • Container Size - Size of each icon's container.
  • Icons Style - Padding of each icons.
  • Read More Text - Text of the Read More button.
  • Target Read More Link - Choose to open the read more link in the same page or in a new page.
  • Icons Alignment - Alignment of the icons compared with the text.

You can then select the following from each icon:


  • Font Awesome Icon Type -For each icon is required to select one of the four icons type: Default, Regular, Solid, Brand. Each icon could have one or more type associated. If you have selected the wrong icon type, the icon will be displayed as a "square"; to see the icon properly, you should just change its type.
  • Icon Selected - The icon to be displayed
  • Icon Title - Title for the icon
  • Icon Text - Text for the icon
  • Icon Read Link - Link of the icon, it can redirect wherever you want
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