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With the VikWP Speakers widget you can create as many staff brief information as you want. Here an example:

VikWP Speakers widget

This widgets is quite intuitive, it allows you to add an image for each person, add name and role details,  The parameters for the widget are:

VikWidgetsLoader - VikWP Speakers Widget Admin

  • Title - Title of the widget
  • Number of Speakers - Number of people shown in the widget. Save the number of speakers to see them get added to the right panel.
  • Number of rows - Number of rows when the speakers will be displayed.

For each speaker you can add the following information:

  • Speaker Image - For each speaker you can add a image that will be displayed above the name and description.
  • Speaker Name and Surname - The name of the speaker
  • Speaker Role - The role of the speaker, it can be used also to add some other information.
  • Speaker Description - A small description for your speaker.
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