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VikWP Text Slide widget

The VikWP TextSlide widget displays a slider which shows text from a post category. The text fades in and out on regular intervals or could have a carousel layout. The widget could have a background image.

VikWP TextSlide Widget admin

In the administrator section you will be able to set several things about the background image:

  • A background image.
  • A title and a description to print over the image.
  • Title & Description effects - You can set easing animations for both titles and effects. You can check all animations here.
  • The image layout - Choose whether the background will scroll with the page or if it should be fixed.
  • A mask overlay - If the mask is enabled a black overlayed will be put on the image, you can choose also the opacity.
  • Enable Testimonials - It enables the testimonials part, it shows multiple texts with a fade or carousel layout over the background image, and will enable the below part.

As for the text settings (Testimonials part):

  • Select Category - Select the category of the posts to show.
  • Testimonials Layout - Choose wheither your testimonials will have a fade or a carousel effect.
  • Testimonials per Row - Choose the number of testimonials to show in one row.
  • Featured Image Position - If there is a featured image inside the post, it'll be displayed. Here you can select on which position to show this image in releation to the post text.
  • Time Delay - The amount of time in milliseconds for which the text is displayed (valid just for the fade effect).
  • Time Fade In/Out - The amount of time in milliseconds for which the text fades in/out (valid just for the fade effect).
  • Show Post Title - Allows you to choose if you wish to display the post title or not.
  • Title/Text Content Color - Choose the color of your texts.
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