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We are an IT company specialized in developing server-side software for web servers. We have focused our energy on six specific business fields, to produce leading Plugins in the market, and help their online business grow (Hotels, Restaurants, Appointments, Events, Car and Items Rentals).
Working closely with our clients is what made our Plugins so popular. We care about the feedback more than anything else, we develop and improve our software with the End Users in mind, knowing that they will be using the system for their online business, which can be sometimes over the 80% of the whole incoming. We aim to give all the necessary tools to webmasters for building perfect websites with WordPress. VikWP is part of the company E4J. It has its headquarters in Florence (Italy), a touristic city in the heart of Tuscany and the largest business area of its region.

Why choose VikWP?

The project VikWP - VikWordPress.com was born in 2018, it's a newly born project, but it has more experience than ever by background. The company E4J has been one of the leading extensions development companies for Joomla since 2009. That's how we started to get known with our software. With over 12 years of experience in Joomla, and over 13 years in programming, we are proud to offer our software to more than 6000 active customers in 140 countries.
The project VikWP is entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress, and our Plugins have inherited the legacy left by the Joomla project. In fact, some of our popular Plugins for WordPress are also available as Components for Joomla. Choosing our products is a GUARANTEE.

The meaning of Vik. A must to be revealed.

All our Plugins are called "Vik" something. Why? We have to go back to January 2009 when the first software for Joomla was born: Vik Rent Car. For those who don't know what Joomla is, you can see it as a competitor of WordPress, it's another system to build and manage websites.
The first software was developed by the same people and programmers that are still working nowadays at E4J, but the company was called "Creativik" back then. The word "Vik" comes as a signature/suffix of Creativik! It was not related to any cities in Iceland, nor had it anything to do with a Viking. The original name was a mix of two words: Creativity and Diabolik (a fictional character featured in Italian comics).
With the years, the name "Vik" has become a sort of a brand for our software, and so we have decided to be the "Vik" of WordPress with VikWP - VikWordPress.com, symbolized by a true Viking!

Joomla or WordPress?

Our main target of clients is web-agencies, designers and developers, which mainly work on projects based on Joomla or WordPress. At the end of 2017 we started to convert the framework of some of our popular extensions for the CMS Joomla so that the same result could be obtained with a native Plugin for WordPress.
Here comes the incarnation of vik: our viking was born with its marketplace entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress (VikWP.com).

Our goal was to give our clients the opportunity to work with their preferred CMS/Web-Software, or with the system demanded by their customers, and offer the same software for the two most famous website platforms of the world.

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