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All the plugins are licensed under the GNU General Public License. The purchase of some of our plugins will produce a download link valid only for your account, while after purchasing some others of our plugins you may get a License Key to download and activate the Pro version of the Plugin on your WordPress website. Plugins that let you download the installer zip file have no restrictions on the domains they can be used. Instead, if the purchase of a plugin generates a License Key, you will be able to register your production domain by entering and validating the License Key directly from your Plugin installed on your website. You can change the domain assigned to your License Key up to 3 times from your account on this website, maybe to register a temporary test domain. License Keys have a duration of 1 year from the activation date. During this time, you will be able to install patches and updates for your Plugin for free. Once the License Key is expired, you should renew it from your account by purchasing the same plugin. Renewing and keeping active the License Key is necessary to install future updates and to keep using the Pro version of the Plugin, but it is not mandatory. The purchase of some specific combinations of plugins could make your License Key valid forever, with no expiration date, and without the need to renew it every year. This only applies to those who have purchased the plugins Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager with the same account.


Our plugins are constantly upgraded. Updates may include new features, bug fixes and security patches. Those who have an active License Key for the plugin will be able to download and install the update for free. Instead, if the License Key for the plugin is expired, it's necessary to renew it to extend its expiration date, so that installing the update will be allowed by our servers. Plugins that do not require a License Key usually include free updates. Updates for Vik Channel Manager are free of charge for those who use it, and so for those who have an active e4jConnect subscription for at least one channel. Those who no longer have an active e4jConnect Subscription will not be able to receive updates for the plugin Vik Channel Manager. Themes and Payment Gateways always include free updates.


Our WordPress themes are licensed under the GNU General Public License. There is no restriction on the domain they can be installed or on the number of times they can be used.

Payment Gateways

Some of our plugins support custom payment gateways to provide an integration with a specific bank gateway. All the payment gateways inherit the same License as the Plugin they were made for. Such payment gateways are subjected to changes made with the sole discretion of each bank, and our company is not informed in case of drastic modifications that could make the integration incompatible. If you purchase a payment gateway that is no longer compatible with the bank's specifications, our company will schedule an update for this integration, or we will evaluate the possibility of issuing a refund. Our Support Policy applies in case of missing features or needed modifications because the code of the payment gateways is provided "as is", and it has always passed at least one payment test with a working bank account.
In case you need a specific bank gateway that is not available on our list for one of our plugins, you can try to contact us for a custom development, the only type of custom development service we offer. Our team will evaluate your request by analyzing the technical documentation of the bank, and will answer with a quotation for the custom development if the custom development request is accepted. We reserve the right to refuse the custom development request because our public documentation explains how to extend the payment framework of the Plugin. Any skilled PHP programmer would be able to create this integration for your plugin on our behalf, so this case could not be used a valid reason to ask a refund for the purchase of the Plugin.

Refund Policy:

Plugins, Updates, Themes, Payment Gateways, License Keys Renewals

All the software solutions sold by VikWP.com are available for purchase as fully-functional product, on try-before-buy (on our servers) terms. Some products may be available on one of our demo websites for evaluation, some others may offer a free/Lite version that you can download and install directly from the WordPress Plugins Repository. All the features of the Plugins and their Pro versions (if available) are described on their respective pages on this website. It is your responsibility to analyze all the features of the product you are about to purchase, and you should contact us to clarify any doubts before making any purchase from this website.
After purchasing one of our products you will receive a confirmation email that will let you download the installer file of the Plugin/Update/Theme/Payment Gateway, or will show you the generated or renewed License Key for activating the Pro version of the Plugin. Once the product installer file has been download, or once the License Key has been activated, no refunds will be available unless the product you purchased is "different" than the one you saw on our website. For being "different" we intend any possible feature or function you saw on our websites that is not available in the product you received. In case this should happen, refund requests should be made within 15 days from the purchase date. We reserve the right to refuse refund requests for any other reasons than the one specified in our Terms and Conditions. The software sold in this website is not available for testing, or for a trial period. Refund requests made for reasons similar to when you were expecting the software to work differently, or when you thought a function was available, are always refused in all circumstances for the reasons explained in this section.

The accepted refund requests will be taken in charge within 2 working days, and the amount refunded will be calculated depending on the payment processing fees. The processing fees for the credit card payments are calculated as such: 2,9% of the total amount paid plus €0,25 (cents). Therefore, the total amount refunded to the payer's credit card will be less than the total amount paid, due to the payment processing fees that our company will have to pay for the original transaction. In short, the payment processing fees will be withheld from the total amount refunded.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order to VikWP.com, you are supposed to have read this refund policy, agreed with and fully accepted the terms of this refund policy.
If you do not agree with, or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, please do not purchase any software or service on this website.

Support Policy:

By making any purchase from this website you will get access to our technical support. The technical support will be accessible as long as your Support License will be active.
We are used and proud to provide efficient support by helping all our clients set up the plugins and products they have purchased. The thousands of satisfied customers are a proof of the quality of our support. We guarantee support for 12 months from the purchase date. During this period you are supposed to have familiarized with all the functions of the Plugin/Product purchased.
After 12 months from the purchase date we only accept support requests for bug reports, server errors and suggestions. Having an expired Support License will not affect in any way the license of your Plugin/Product, which will obviously work as before. Making a new purchase or renewing an expired License Key will give you access to our technical support for 12 more months.
We guarantee answers to support requests within 12 hours on weekdays, holidays excluded, and the same response timing is often valid also for the weekend, even though we reserve the right to provide answers only on working days. The average response time on a working day goes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Answers may be delayed depending on the size of the support queue of the day.
Various rules apply to the technical support. A detailed schema of accepted and denied support requests is available in our full Support Policy. By accepting the terms of this policy you are supposed to have read and accepted our full Support Policy.

Privacy Policy:

This website uses cookies to provide an efficient user experience when browsing the various sections and contents. For more details about our use of cookies, please refer to our Cookies Policy.
By purchasing any of the products available on this site, you voluntarily give VikWP.com the permission of sending at least one promotional email message to your address about the product you purchased, or related products. You will be able to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, either by contacting us via email, or by using the apposite unsubscribe link (when available). Your information and personal details will not be shared with any third party companies or services that do not belong to this company. Your personal details will be used with the sole purpose of sending important notifications about updates, new related products and promotions.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the VikWP.com Terms of Service and Conditions. This Policy applies to the information we obtain through your use of our Services and Software, and may change as our Services and Software evolve. We will notify you of changes made to this Privacy Policy by posting them to this website that you should periodically check. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, or cannot familiarise with it, please do not purchase any software from this website.


1. Information Collection and Use

We collect information necessary to set up your account for using our Services, such as your email address, your passwords, your name, your telephone number, your website URL(s), your company and billing details. In order to set up an account, we will ask you to input a limited amount of personal information necessary to establish the connection with the various OTAs and to issue periodical invoices for your company. Some information can also be used for sending notifications via POST Requests (server to server), via SMS, via Push Notifications to the App or via Email to your address.
In general, we process your information in ways that will help you get the most out of your use of your account and our Services, or to communicate with you. We also collect your geographic area and language, to send accurate notifications.

We use cookies on our websites and software to provide a better user experience, to remind you some personal information on our website and for statistics, through the use of tracking pixels (Google Analytics).
Through Google Analytics Advertising Features we collect information for remarketing, Google Display Network Impresson Reporting, Demographics and Interest Reporting. With this features Google Analytics collect data for advertising purposes, including the collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers. To opt-outs from collecting this information, please follow this opt-outs Google Analytics.

This data are not shared by our company with any third-party services or websites.

2. Information Access and Disclosure

We do not share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We are a software development company, so we are not in the business of selling your information.

Our company could disclose your information only when: we have your explicit consent; we determine or believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions.

Your licensed production and testing domains will not be made public on any kind of portfolio section without your explicit consent, and they will never be shared with any third party company.

3. Information Deletion and Update

You can delete your accounts information or request a deletion of the personal information at any time. If you have purchased a software or a service from our company, and if you request a deletion of your personal information, our service will terminate but this will not necessarily involve a refund. Our refund policy will take action in this case. In order to completely delete all your information, it is also necessary to uninstall all our software from your website.

Any personal information can be updated directly from your website by using our software. Other kinds of information can be updated from your account on our website, or you can request an update of any details directly to us. We guarantee to fulfil your request within one week.

All the delete actions cannot be undone, and once some information will be deleted, VikWP will no longer be able to access or retrieve data as the information will be destroyed and no longer in our hands.

In case of violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions, VikWP can deactivate your account without deleting your information. This will pause the Services on your end that will not work until your account will be resumed by our team. Any pauses or interruptions of the services caused by violations of our Terms of Service and Conditions, will not necessarily involve refunds. Our refund policy will have to be consulted in these cases and VikWP can choose to not resume again your account.

4. Questions and Contacts

Feel free to use our contact forms on our website to reach out to us for any kind of request. Should you need to review, update or delete your information, please make sure to contact us through the apposite contact forms on this site. We will get back to you via email. Otherwise, if you prefer other ways to communicate to us for special requests, feel free to contact us via postal mail at the address specified on our Terms and Conditions, or give us a phone call at our office. Do not send direct email messages to our addresses for important requests, as they may not be delivered to our team.

Terms of Use, Refund Policy, Support Policy, Privacy Policy (Terms and Conditions):

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. The company E4J s.r.l. (to which VikWP.com belongs) will notify you of changes made to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not purchase any software or service from this website.


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