English (United Kingdom)

The translations for these plugins were provided by our customers, so they are not official translations made by VikWP.com.

Our WordPress plugins were born first as extensions for the Joomla CMS, and since 2008, we've been collecting translations from our customers that decided to share their contribute.

You can download these translations for free, with no warranty on their quality, by selecting the desired plugin from the list below. You can also decide to contribute on the translations by signing up for a free account on our Joomla dedicated website at https://extensionsforjoomla.com/share/translate.

The translation files should be downloaded in the two formats available for full compatibility with WordPress: .PO and .MO. Once you have downloaded both files for your desired language, make sure to upload them via FTP onto the following directory of your server:
If the language is installed on your WordPress installation, the plugin will load the translation. However, please notice that the translation files may not be complete.

If you would like to edit the translations you downloaded, please visit our article of the Knowledge Base section at the page https://vikwp.com/support/knowledge-base/translating-plugins. With the client software PoEdit you can modify an existing translation by opening the downloaded .PO file.

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