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Top class Plugins inclusive of Widgets for your WordPress website.
The best WordPress Plugins on the market for various business fields, with years of experience in CMS.

Vik Booking

Certified booking system and PMS Plugin for Hotels, B&B, Villas and Apartments.

149 €

Vik Channel Manager

Connect your own website to the most popular OTAs with a true Channel Manager

89 €

Vik Rent Car

Manage your rentals with a trusted Car Rental plugin for WordPress websites

129 €

Vik Rent Items

Multi-purpose items rental system. Manage items of any kind with a powerful pricing system.

109 €

Vik Appointments

Schedule appointments for any kind of business. Manage calendars, employees and services.

109 €

Zoom for Vik Appointments

Zoom video-conferences & meetings integration for VikAppointments

79 €

Vik Restaurants

The all-in-one solution to manage your restaurant reservations and take-away or delivery orders.

109 €

VikRestaurants Auto-Print

Client software used to auto-print your take-away orders

59 €
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