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WordPress SMTP Service

Using an SMTP service on your WordPress website for sending automated email message to your customers can speed up the loading process of the pages, and it can ensure the delivery of the message. Try our free plugin Vik Mail SMTP!

By default, your WordPress website will use the internal Mail functions of your PHP installation as Mail Transport Agent (MTA). If your domain has some special mail-boxes that you regularly use to talk to your clients, then it's probably recommended to let the website send email messages through the same SMTP service. For example, if you use a mail-box like reservations@your-domain.com, then you must have an SMTP service available that also your website could use to send email messages to your clients.

Our free plugin Vik Mail SMTP, available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, can help you set up your preferred SMTP service so that every email message will be delivered through your own mail-box. This will lower the load of work to your server, which will no longer use the internal PHP Mail functions. This means no more mail queues on your own server, the SMTP service of your mail-box will be used instead. We are speaking about outgoing messages, like a reservation summary email for your clients, or the payment receipt.

WordPress Vik Mail SMTP Configuration

There are many SMTP plugins for WordPress, but with Vik Mail SMTP you can make everything very simple. The plugin will also let you track the logs of the last email messages that were sent, to easily identify a failure and report it to your hosting company. Another important advantage of using Vik Mail SMTP rather than other similar plugins, is that it was designed to work with the rest of the Vik plugins. In fact, if this plugin is installed enabled and configured on your WordPress website, you will be notified with a (transient) system message whenever an email message failed to be sent, no matter which page of your website you are looking at. For example, if you are using Vik Booking to send a custom email message to one of your customers, maybe with an attachment, you will know immediately if the message failed to be sent.

We strongly encourage to use Vik Mail SMTP, especially when another of our main Vik plugins is also installed on the same website. Of course you are free to use this plugin even if you are not yet using any of our main Vik plugins.

Let us know what you think of Vik Mail SMTP!

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