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Integration for Stripe (Hosted method).
Stripe Payment Gateway WordPress
60 €
Version 1.3
Requirements WordPress 4+
PHP 5.6 (or greater)
SSL certificate
Price is one-time payment with no domain restrictions and no needed License Keys. This is a downloadable product that contains the installer zip file for the WordPress Plugin. A Pro version of one of the Vik Plugins must be installed. Free versions of the Vik Plugins do not support Payment Gateways.

"Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online."

Why should you use it?

Stripe is one of the leading payment structures in all the world. It can be used in more than 40 countries, and it's used by everyone, from startups to companies by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Spotify and most of the biggest companies of the world.

It has low fees, 2.9% + 0.30€ for each transaction completed succesfully. This fee will grant you no setup, monthly or hidden fees, but also a nice interface which will let you to manage your payments easily.
Alternatively, you can also request them a personalized package basing on your business, in case you have particular requirements.

Stripe offers also a chargeback protection, which will help you to defend your business from the unpredictability of disputes. With Chargeback Protection, Stripe will cover both the disputed amount and any dispute fees.

You can receive payments from all over the world, since Stripe supports more than 135 currencies and payment methods.

You will be able to use it with all our Vik Plugins. You will just have to install your Stripe plugin into WordPress, insert your merchant data and then you will be ready to accept payments on your website for the services that you offer through your Vik Plugin.

It's fully compatible with all our plugins, so you will need to purchase it once in order to use it with any of them.

Graphs about received payments over the last year, on stripe.com

Is Stripe secure?

Sure, it is! The Stripe payment system has been certified as PSD2 SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) compliant, which has become an European requirement since September 2019.
Moreover, this system has gained a PCI DSS Level 1 certifications, which means that their system meets payment security standards and help protect customer data.

Payments are protected with 3D Secure, an XML system which has been developed to be an additional security method for all the credit/debit cards transactions taken over the Internet.
Along with the 3D Secure, Stripe has implemented the "Radar Machine Learning" technology, that is useful to protect merchants from Fraudolent transactions.

Major features

These are the major features of our Stripe plugin integration for WordPress:

  • Strong Customer Authentication compliant (SCA): Under PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a European requirement to accept payments.
  • Receive payments from all over the world.
  • Low fees and chargeback protection.
  • Payments are protected with 3D Secure.
  • No setup, monthly or hidden fees.
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and more, directly on your website.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Compatible with all our Vik Plugins. Purchase it once and use it with all of them.

Below you can find an example of how Stripe will look like:

Stripe payment on stripe.com through APIs.

An account on stripe.com is required in order to let the integration work. This gateway is only compatible and usable with our Vik Plugins.

This payment system works in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and many other European countries. Visit this page to see all the available countries and this one to contact them.

The gateway requires a PHP version equal to or greater than 5.6 and an SSL certificate, since the only connections accepted by Stripe are with the HTTPS protocol (HTTP is not supported anymore).

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