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VikRestaurants Auto-Print

Client software used to auto-print your take-away orders

59 €
Version 1.1.1
Requirements macOS 10.12+
Windows 8+
VikRestaurants 1.2.1+
Cost meant for purchasing one License Key with lifetime validity for one website. The software can be downloaded for free. Its usage is limited to 14 days of trial. Afterwards the purchase of the license is mandatory to keep using the software without limitations. The software supports only the PRO version of VikRestaurants.

One of the most demanded feature is now at your hand.
Don't wait any longer, download it for free!

Thanks to this client software, you'll be able to automatically print the orders received through VikRestaurants.
Just leave this app running in background and let it do the job.

14 days trial to make sure that the application is able to suit your needs.

  Download for macOS

Download for Windows

  Download for Windows (64bit)

Download for macOS

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Automatic Downloads

The system will periodically check whether there are new orders and reservations to download.

Automatic Print

Every downloaded order and/or reservation will be automatically printed according to your preferences.

Notifications and Sounds

Configure the system to prompt notifications or play sounds every time new orders are downloaded.

Page Format

Configure the format of the pages to print, in order to suit the requirements of your printer in the best way.

Customizable Layout

The layout used to print the pages is entirely customizable from the back-end of VikRestaurants.

Easy Setup

Look at our knowledge base to figure out how easy is configuring this software.

How does it work?

This program is an add-on for VikRestaurants plugin, which can be used by the restaurants to automatically print their orders and reservations when they come in.

VRE Printer will be connected to your personal website, in which VikRestaurants is running, so that it will be able to automatically download new orders and print them.

Since the application is installed on a local machine, it should support any kind of printing device.


A simple layout lets you take control over the received orders. Start the application and let it open in background. No further expected actions.

Use the preferences panel to connect the application to your website and to configure its features in the way you wish.

Are you wondering how complex the configuration really is? Just take a look at our knowledge base to figure out that you'll take no more than 2 minutes to complete the setup.

Download the software, try it and come back to purchase your license key, if you like it!

Get any questions or doubts?

Contact our Sales Team

or check if you can find the answers on our FAQ.

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