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On WordPress is not possible for a theme or for the cms itself to setup different widgets for different pages by default. This is why you need to install an external plugin to manage it.
On the web you can easily find loads of websites that explain the issue with a list of widgets for this purpose, every plugin has different settings and layouts, on our example we'll take the external "Display Widget" plugin (you can find it on the WordPress directory):

  1. Install and active the "Display Widget" plugin.
  2. Go in the page you want to show the widgets and choose the Page Templates that shows the widgets area where you'll published your widget and Save.
  3. Go in the Widgets panel, publish the widget in the right Sidebar. Inside the widget parameters, in the bottom part, you'll find a Dropdown menu with the list of pages where you can show/hide your widget. Choose to show this widget just on the selected page and save.

We have made an example with a specific plugin but you can find loads of different plugins on the WordPress directory with their documentation.

Last Update: 2018-06-18
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