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If no flag is displayed next to the Currency Code selected from the widget then it's probably because the file is missing on the widget folder. VikWP did not include all the flags of the world or the size of the widget would have been too much for the installation.

The first thing you should check is that the Currency Name and Currency Code defined in the Configuration page are valid according to the ISO 4217 Standards. At that point, just take the 3 chars version of your Currency Code, in uppercase, and use it to rename your .png file of the flag of your country.

For example, if the flag of Norway was missing, you should download a 23x12 pixel image in PNG format and call it NOK.png because NOK is the Currency Code for the Norwegian Krone. That's the default size but you can always use a different one. The file NOK.png should be uploaded onto the following directory of your server:


Now the Currency Converter widget will print the Norwegian flag whenever NOK will be selected as active currency.

Last Update: 2018-05-11
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