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How to add on your page the Vik Booking widgets with Elementor.

Vik Booking is a stand-alone plugin compatible with all the themes for WordPress. You can use Elementor to build all your website generic pages and add the shortcodes of Vik Booking in any part of your page through Elementor.

Although, to create all the internal contents of Vik Booking (such as the Room page) you need to use the WordPress native editor (the standard one or the new Gutemberg).

Elementor is one of the leaders of the Layout Builder plugins for WordPress and with it adding a widget to your page is a very easy task.
You should just edit your page with Elementor and search for "Vik" to see all the Vik Booking widgets on the Elements list.

How to add Vik Booking to Elementor

Note: Can't you find the Vik widgets by typing "Vik" in the search field?

We are aware that this might be a bug of Elementor, it seems unable to find the widgets listed in the WordPress tab.
Please, scroll the widgets lists until you see the "WordPress" tab, the same of our screenshot below. You will find the "Vik" widgets inside this tab.

Otherwise you can see the widgets also at the end of the Elements list, in the WordPress block.

Than you should just drag and drop the widget to the page block you want to add it, as you should do with any element you want to add on your page.

That's it, quite easy right?

Last Update: 2022-03-11
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