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Our team have just released a new important update for VikUpdater, that solves minor issues for the themes overrides updates!

Our team have just released a new important update for VikUpdater, that solves minor issues for the themes overrides updates. This update is fundamental for those who use our themes regularly together with one of our main plugins VikBooking, VikAppointments or VikRentCar. From now on, the overrides of the theme will be installed directly by VikUpdater, so that their update will always be successfull.

Moreover, our team have added the possibility to update "VikUpdater" automatically: from now on, once our team will release a new update, you'll see a notification warning about the update directly inside the program, and you'll be able to update it simply by clicking a button. By this way, you won't have to download and install manually the VikUpdater updates anymore. In order to obtain those features, you need to update VikUpdater. You can follow these two different ways to update the plugin:

  1. FTP: you can download VikUpdater by following the method described in the guide What is VikUpdater. Click here to read this guide.
    Once downloaded you'll have to unzip it and to upload manually, via FTP (you can use a client like FileZilla or directly cPanel), all the files inside the VikUpdater directory "/wp-content/plugins/vikupdater". By this way, you won't lose any data.

  2. Uninstall and Re-install: this is probably the easiest way. Once you've downloaded the plugin, you should just uninstall it from the plugins list and install it again as a common plugin. So please enter the administrator side of your WordPress website and open the page "Plugins -> Add New". Once opened this page, you'll be asked to upload a zip file: you should select the VikUpdater zip file that you've just downloaded from this website, and once selected please click on "Install Now".
    If you decide to follow this method, please be aware of the fact that you'll lose all the registered products inside VikUpdater and that you'll have to register them again as written in this guide to keep them always updated to the latest version. 

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