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We are thrilled to announce the launch of VikWP - VikWordPress.com: a new and promising Plugin Marketplace entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress!

The wait is over, VikWP is now live! We did our best, and we are still working hard, to convert our popular "Vik" solutions into Plugins for WordPress. We mainly did all of this for our loyal customers that build fabulous websites with our software, so that they can also use or integrate WordPress as CMS, beside Joomla.

Our goal was to provide the same experienced software to WordPress, because we know that webmasters, web-agencies, designers and programmers deal with an extremely wide range of scenarios every day with their own clients. A lot of times, for example, we've heard that Vik Booking could not be implemented into an existing and running Hotel website because it was made with WordPress, and obviously the customer didn't want to completely rebuild the website. Beside the fact that he maybe got used to WordPress and its administrative functions, re-making an entire website with a different CMS like Joomla would cost money and time.
Now we have a solution to these problems, because a version of the same Plugin is available for WordPress! Webmasters can now power up existing WordPress websites by simply installing our Plugins, without the need to re-build the entire site or to turn everything upside-down.

The VikWP Plugins are native plugins made specifically for WordPress. There are no tweaks to the WordPress core or functions that go against their logic and security. Our programmers have worked hard, for several months, to convert the core framework of the software into something that could be easily migrated/ported to both WordPress and Joomla.
Now that we support the two major CMS of the world, we aim to give more online business tools to our clients that make money by building powerful websites.

Stay tuned, more Plugins are likely to come out in the next few months!

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