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Vik Rent Car new version

How to update to the latest version?

You can install the latest version of Vik Rent Car through the WordPress native update functions in the Plugin Manager section.

New Features

  • Dashboard Admin Widgets
    A brand-new dashboard is now available. You can customize the contents and the positions of the elements through elegant admin widgets. You could also code your own admin-widget by creating a native WordPress plugins that extends the default functions of Vik Rent Car.
  • Calendar Day-Notes
    The new dashboard admin widget Reminders, and the page Availability Overview will let you define and manage notes for any date of the year, for any vehicle and sub-unit. This is to keep track of important notices.
  • Rental Orders Registration Status
    Flag your rentals orders as no-show, started or terminated.
  • Order History
    Every rental order will keep track of all the events that occurred for that specific order. Creation date, payments received, modification logs, cancellations and much more.
  • Multiple Payments
    Rental orders can now accept multiple payments. For example, guests could pay a deposit, and then make the final payment of the remaining balance.
  • Request Payments
    It is now possible to request a custom payment for any rental order, even for the confirmed ones, or for the ones with no amount paid.
  • Search Suggestions
    In case of no availability for the dates requested, the system will attempt to suggest the best and closest available dates according to the input parameters. A huge benefit to not miss on new possible bookings.
  • Preferred Colors
    The configuration page will allow you to select your preferred colors for elements, texts and buttons through simple color pickers. No more CSS overrides needed with this useful feature!
  • Forced Availability
    Back-end reservations can be forced even on dates for cars with no availability.


  • New core framework
    This is a major release that includes a brand new core-framework.
  • New front-end layouts
    Many Views (pages) of the front-end sections have been re-designed with a better responsiveness for mobile devices.


  • MVC Framework
    Models, Views and Controllers have been updated.

Enjoy your new Vik Rent Car!

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