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Vik Channel Manager

Connect and sync your own website with the most popular OTAs of the world.
VikChannelManager Plugin
79 €
Version Pro 1.7.x
Requirements WordPress 4+
Vik Booking
Price is one-time payment with no domain restrictions and no needed License Keys. This is a downloadable product that contains the installer zip file for the WordPress Plugin. An active e4jConnect Subscription is required to connect the desired channels on one website. Vik Booking Pro must be installed and configured on the same website.
Please visit e4jConnect.com for further details.

Some of the channels available with Vik Channel Manager:

Vik Channel Manager - Booking.com
Vik Channel Manager - Expedia
Vik Channel Manager - Agoda
Vik Channel Manager - Airbnb
Vik Channel Manager - TripAdvisor
Vik Channel Manager - Trivago

The first and only native Channel Manager for WordPress

Vik Channel Manager is a complementary Plugin of Vik Booking. Certified and PCI-DSS Compliant. Installed on your own WordPress website.

Beside having an internal Booking Engine, you can also have a Channel Manager that runs internally on your server. A modern technology that revolutionizes the Hotels Industry. Freedom and Power at your hands.

Real-time Sync for Reservations, Availability and Rates

Thanks to Vik Channel Manager, you can interface your own website with online booking channels like Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor... and external meta search services such as TripConnect and Trivago. The plugin works together with Vik Booking on the same website, and it performs 3 main tasks:

  1. Synchronize the Availability every time you will receive or make a new booking, a modification, a confirmation or a cancellation of a reservation, the availability will be automatically synced across all channels connected, including your own website.
  2. Centralize the Management Tools if you need to change rates for your rooms, or set up some restrictions, you can do it directly from the channel manager without needing to log in on each booking channel to make the modifications.
  3. Unify the Extranet Accounts your own website will become your only Extranet Account. All data and information will be available in your wp-admin section. Forget the accounts of each channel and manage everything from your own website.

Reduce the management costs by letting the Channel Manager automatize everything. Say goodbye to overbooking.

How it works:

* An active e4jConnect Subscription is required to connect the desired channels on one website.

Vik Booking

Vik Booking plugin for WordPress STEP 1:

Our booking engine plugin must be installed and configured on your website. Create your rooms, rate plans and rates.

Vik Channel Manager

Vik Channel Manager for WordPress STEP 2:

Install our Channel Manager plugin that will serve to interface your own website with the various booking channels.

e4jConnect Subscription

Purchase e4jConnect subscription STEP 3:

Choose the channels you wish to connect and obtain the "API key" to enable them in the Channel Manager plugin *.

Why is Vik Channel Manager so useful?

If your rooms can be booked from your website, but also from other booking channels like Booking.com and Expedia, then the answer is simple: manual updates of the availability could lead to errors, and the synchronization could never be made in real-time if it was a human that had to do it. Let the Channel Manager do it for you.

Since the 90% of the reservations of any accommodations come from online booking channels, having everything centralized onto your own website is the best thing you can ask for. It just simplifies the whole flow of the rooms reservations.

With Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager you can have the opportunity of using a full hotel software suite developed by the same company. Bridges and connections between different software do not provide the same result. On top of all, you can have everything installed on your own website, so you actually own the software, you do not "rent" a Booking Engine hosted esternally.

Requirements to get started

This is an internal and independent solution, but luckily it has no specific requirements, if not the ones listed below:

  1. Vik Booking Pro should be installed on your WordPress website and configured with rooms and rates.
  2. Vik Channel Manager should be installed on the same website next to Vik Booking.
  3. The e4jConnect API Key is required to activate, configure and connect the desired channels.

The only recurring cost is the one for keeping the e4jConnect API Key active and valid.
This will also give you a lifetime License Key for Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager, so there are no additional or recurring costs for the Plugins, and the updates are always FREE.

More than 1800 accomodation owners are already saving money from OTA commissions thanks to Vik Channel Manager and Vik Booking

What our clients say

The support Team is prompt

I really like the plugin and as are really appreciative of the way that the support team promptly and actively respond to raised issues.
Boat Ramp Hotel
Ocean Grove, Australia

Awesome Support!!

Despite this is the best solution for hotels, and saves you much time and money, is the support that makes the difference. The support is really outstanding, keep it up, guys! Many thanks.

No profit sharing, handle everything on customers website end

I choose this software because is the most complete and native channel manager for WordPress. Contrary to others, it synchs all bookings (otas included) on the database of my website. Now I manage everything from my website, without sharing my profits with external portals.
Owner of Central Beach Inn
Vik Channel Manager - list of channels compatible

Once the plugin Vik Booking Pro is installed and configured on your website, you can install the complementary plugin Vik Channel Manager, which will show you a simple configuration interface for each channel/service you subscribed for at e4jConnect.com. You will be asked to create the relations between the rooms of your website and the rooms of the channels in order to get started.

An active e4jConnect API Key is necessary to configure in Vik Channel Manager the channels you ordered. You can get your API Key by making a subscription at e4jConnect.com.


e4jConnect API Key Required to activate Channels and Services.
Get yours from e4jconnect.com

List of available Channels and Services

Mobile App Channel Manager
Booking.com Hotel Channel Manager
Expedia Hotel Channel Manager
Agoda Hotel Channel Manager
Despegar.com Hotel Channel Manager
Trivago.com Hotel Channel Manager
Trip Advisor TripConnect Hotel Channel Manager
Trip Advisor Instant Booking Hotel Channel Manager
Vrbo Hotel Channel Manager
bed-and-breakfast-it Hotel Channel Manager
airbnb Hotel Channel Manager
flipkey Hotel Channel Manager
holiday lettings Hotel Channel Manager
wimdu Hotel Channel Manager
wimdu Hotel Channel Manager

e4jConnect is a Premier Connectivity Partner 2020 of Booking.com e4jConnect is a Premier Connectivity Partner 2019 of Booking.com e4jConnect is a Premier Connectivity Partner 2018 of Booking.com

e4jConnect is the name of the service offered by our company as a certified Channel Manager Provider

More information on e4jConnect.com

This is what our customers think about us

A very good booking system together with a very useful channel manager

I purchased Vik Booking because I needed to integrate my website with all the channels. It made easier for us planning the day thanks to the dashboard. I found it very useful because it is helping us to make a plan every morning for the entire day. We can see which room had to be done first, depending on how late the guests arrived. Thanks also a good overview at the occupation of the month, it helps us to focus our attention commercially.
Owner of B&B Heart of Leiden

I've reduce my time of work!

Thanks to the Rooms Categorization and the Channel Manager I've reduce the time of work. The plugin is very intuitive in almost all of it. I love the teamwork!
Bonito Inn
xSpider Sistemas

Start saving money from OTA commissions,
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