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If the Currency Converter Widget gives you an alert message saying that the request failed or the conversion could not be made, the problem can be caused by two different scenarios:

  1. Your Server has some restrictions and it is not possible to get the exchange rates from the Fixer.io API.
  2. The Currency for which you are requesting the exchange rate is invalid.

The first scenario is something that only your hosting company could solve because it's server-related. The system uses the php function fopen so you should ask your hosting company to enable the PHP.INI setting called "allow_fopen_url".

However, before asking for help to your hosting company, you should make sure that the second scenario is not the reason of the issue. You can easily check this by verifying that your Currency Name and Currency Code are valid, according to the ISO 4217 Standards. Since the Currency Name is not displayed anywhere, you can just set it to the same as the Currency Code. Valid examples of Currency Codes are EUR for Euro, USD for the United States Dollar, GBP for the British Pound, NOK for the Norwegian Krone, AUD for the Australian Dollar and so on....

Check the Fixer.io website to check whether the currency you are trying to convert to or from is supported by Fixer.io.

Please notice that after changing the Currency Code and Currency Name from the VikBooking Configuration page and after clicking the Save button, it is necessary to click the Renew Session button from the same page so that all the changes will be immediately applied to the front-end.

Last Update: 2018-05-11
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