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To begin working with the Vik Rent Items plugin, you will first need to install the Vik Rent Items Free Plugin from the WordPress Plugins Repository. The Free version of Vik Rent Items is a limited version, that contains only some functionalities of the complete plugin. It is entirely free, available to download in the WordPress Plugins Repository. The Free Version contains only a couple of widgets. After you have installed it from the repository, you will need to enable the plugin from your 'Plugins' view:

After you have enabled the plugin, a new Vik Rent Items menu should appear in the side menu. Clicking on it will display the Vik Rent Items Dashboard. You're all set to start working with Vik Rent Items Free. However, if you wish to start using Vik Rent Items PRO, you will need to click on the 'Upgrade to PRO' green button on the right in the Vik Rent Items menu:

This will display a view with all the advantages of switching to PRO. At the bottom of the page you will find an input field to insert your License Key, which you can purchase on this website.


After you have inserted your key, you should click on 'Validate and Install', and if it gets validated succesfully, the plugin will automatically install the PRO settings to enable all the features. All the existing configurations and contents won't be replaced. Visiting the 'Upgrade toPRO' page again will display a message that shows that you are using the PRO version, and the 'Upgrade to PRO' button should now contain: 'PRO Version'.

You're now ready to work with Vik Rent Items PRO! Once you have switched to PRO, you will also see in the WordPress 'Widgets' page all of the available Vik Rent Items Widgets.

Last Update: 2021-02-26
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