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From the administrator section it is possible to publish or unpublish certain Payment Options. Each Payment Option has a list of parameters for its configuration as well as some global settings.

One of the global settings of the payment methods is the one called "Auto-Set Order to Confirmed". This setting should always be DISABLED for those payment options that will perform credit cards transactions, real payments through a Bank Gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout etc...
If this setting is Enabled then when customers will choose this payment option for their order, the system will automatically assign a CONFIRMED status to the order by skipping the payment phase.

The extension comes with a pre-installed payment option called, by default, "Bank Transfer". Some companies using this payment option with the default name or renamed to anything else like "Pay Upon Arrival", "Pay by Cash", "Get a Quotation" etc..., prefer to have the setting "Auto-Set Order to Confirmed" Enabled so that the Items rented will be kept as "locked/unavailable" for those dates, until cancellation or drop off because the status of the orders with that payment method will be Confirmed.

If your payment method requires a credit card transaction or a validation of the payment response, that setting should be Disabled so that customers will be able to pay for their orders and the status will be Pending until manual confirmation from the administrator section or until a valid payment will be received.

Last Update: 2015-07-14
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