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If the system is applying an unexpected price for the requested duration of the rental then there are a couple of things you should check from the Administrator section to adjust the rental costs of certain rental periods.

Whenever the system is charging more or less of what it should, the issue is usually between the Configuration and the Fares Table pages. In order to find the reason of this issue, you should check the actual duration of the rental that you are inspecting.
For example, a rental from July 1st at 08:30AM to July 3rd at 12:00PM will be considered as 2 Days and 4 Hours because the 3 hours and a half are rounded up to 4 hours. Given a rental of 2 Days and 4 Hours, the system will charge it as 3 Days of rental unless one of the following configurations is available:

  1. The Configuration Setting "Hours of Extended Gratuity Period" is set to 4. This way there will be 4 free extra hours for drop off and the system will see this as 2 Days.
  2. You have defined a cost for 4 Extra Hours of rental in the Fares Table page, Extra Hours Charges tab. In this case, the system will sum up the cost for 2 Days of rental of the Daily Fares tab and the cost for the 4 Extra Hours.

When using the Time Slots, the duration of the rental will be calculated from the selected Pick Up Date and Time Slot. Make sure that the Time Slots are configured correctly. In case of Hourly Rentals, the number of days of rental of the Time Slots should be set to 0.

Last Update: 2015-07-06
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