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When you get no results in the search results page but rather an error message saying that no Item is available for rental for the selected dates, it means that something is not configured correctly in the extension.

Usually, in these situations, the system will print an error message similar to "No Item is available for rental for 2 days".
Here is a list of different scenarios that could be causing the issue with the no results being displayed in the search results:

  1. You have not configured any rental cost for 2 days like in this example. In fact, the system will always calculate the duration of the rental in days and/or hours, for then applying the corresponding rental cost defined in the page Fares Table of the administrator section. Before configuring the rental costs, you should create at least one Type of Price, as well as a Tax Rate, so that from the page Fares Table you will be able to create the rental costs based on the length of the rental for each Type of Price.
    Please notice that even if you are willing to use hourly prices, the system will always require you to have set a rental cost for 1 day of rent for each car. The page Fares Table has 3 different tabs: Hourly Fares, Daily Fares, Extra Hours Charges. Each car must have a cost for 1 day of rental and then you can specify the exact rental costs for the hourly rentals (from 1 to 23 at most). If the system won't be able to find the corresponding rental cost for the number of hours requested, it will revert to the Daily Fares. In the error message of this example, it could be possible that none of the Items/Products had a cost for 2 days of rental in the Daily Fares tab.
    The Extra Hours Charges instead will be used to add charges to rentals for 2 Days and 3 Hours for example. In this case you could charge the 3 extra hours so that the system will not try to look for the rental cost for 3 Days.
    Given that example of 2 Days and 3 Hours, if you don't want the system to charge such a duration as 3 Days of rental, you should set the Configuration setting "Hours of Extended Gratuity Period" to 3 Hours. That way the system will consider 2 Days and 3 Hours as 2 Days of rental and that will be the cost the system will try to fetch from the Fares Table, Daily Fares tab.
    When using the Time Slots, the booking forms will only ask for the Pick Up Date and the duration will be given by the selected Time Slot. Make sure to have them configured correctly so that the calculated duration of the rental will be the correct one.
  2. If the Search Form was showing the Categories filter then this could be a reason of the error message because your Items/Products are not assigned to any Category. By Editing each Item, you can see all the Categories to which they are assigned.
  3. The Locations for pick up and drop off can be another reason of such errors. In fact, the Items/Products must be available for both pick up and drop off for the requested destinations. You can check this by Editing each Item.
  4. None of the Items/Products is available on those dates because they have been booked already. You can check the remaining availability from the pages Calendar and Overview of the administrator section. Please notice that if a product has 2 units available, it will be possible to book it up to 2 times on the same dates.
Last Update: 2015-07-06
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