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The Items List Widget is often published in the Home Page of your website and it's useful to go directly to the details page of a certain car.

In order to apply a specific WordPress Page to the search results page and to all the pages of the next steps, it is necessary to force the Page from the parameters of the Items Widget.

Applying the correct WordPress Page is very important for the Widgets associations. For example, the Home Page of your website could display the cars widget as well as a slider widget that you wouldn't like to keep in the pages of the reservation process. You will need to force (from the widgets parameters) to redirect to a page with a theme which does not contain the widgets you do not wish to display.

Sometimes, it can be a good technique to create a "ghost page" from the WordPress administrator section where you can use a specific theme that will never be displayed on the front-end website. It will be sufficient to not publish that Page on any menu. Basically, such pages should only be used to have a certain page theme which displays only certain widgets, and they should always have a VikRentItems shortcode in their text. You should then force your Items widgets to display their search results in such a page, which will only have the widgets shown in the page's theme. Make sure the parameter 'Default Menu Item' is assigned that contains a shortcode of type 'VikRentCar - Items List'

IMPORTANT: an invalid configuration of the Shortcodes, or a missing Page assigned to the parameters of the widget, may not show any results or the expected page. This is because the landing page or the link produced, will not belong to the plugin Vik Rent Items, and so no contents will be displayed.


Last Update: 2021-03-18
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