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The latest version 1.3 was released on March 23rd 2020. This is one of the biggest updates ever made! Some new astonishing functions were implemented thanks to the suggestions and the cooperation of our clients, among webmasters and hotel managers. This is a version created for you.

New dashboard with forecast for maximize occupancy

Both property managers and travelers know that holiday seasons are always unpredictable: booking cancellations may occur at any time.

Customers may say:

What's the best period to go on holidays?
What's the cheapest month?

Owners, instead, might be questioning:

What are the best periods to promote my property?
When do I have the lowest occupancy, and what can I do for it?

Finding answers without a specific method or support can lead to confusion.

With Vik Booking 1.3 this is much easier now!

In the Dashboard of Vik Booking, you’ll find all the tools to help you check and analyze your periodical occupancy trends. The new features of Vik Booking have been studied to maximize your occupancy and revenue. This way, you have a clear and complete overview to create your sales strategy by acting differently on your prices.

What’s new in this version?

“Statistics” and “Reports”, some of the strong points in Vik Booking, are specific functionalities tailored for taking several business strategies: now, with Vik Booking 1.3, the whole PMS gathers and analyses more data thanks to some brand new settings:

discover the new Occupancy Ranking report, a complete framework with all the information you need on your occupancy. You can make a custom research by selecting a specific range of dates and split the data more deeply, per months, per weeks or per days. The system lets you know the percentage of occupancy, the total number of rooms sold, nights booked, revenues and more.

More detailed reports to help you with sales strategies

More features have yet to come! With the new Forecast graph displayed in your Dashboard as well as on the page Rates Overview, you can keep the status of your occupancy ratio under control any time you want. This is useful for immediate calculations of specific ranges of dates, seasons or festivities.

The Vik Booking Forecast widget may display some tips that suggest you to create a promotion, or to work on your pricing.

The forecast will produce results about the average occupancy, total bookings and nights booked over a specific period (single weekends, festivities, months etc..). You will also be able to navigate through the various dates backward and forward.

Whether it is low or high season, do not leave any days with no reservations! Sometimes, clicking on the suggested “Promotions” button could help you fulfill your rooms occupancy.

The "insight" section will warn you about the best way to act depending on the calculated occupancy as well as on the distance to the target dates.

Some examples:

Example Vik Booking Suggestions for a low occupancy promotion

Example 1: Suggestion for low occupancy

We are analyzing the occupancy ranking for the Easter festivity. The forecast shows that we have a pretty low occupancy.
The message below suggests to create a basic promotion, since the dates analyzed, are not so far nor so near.

Example Vik Booking Suggestions for early-booker promotion

Example 2: Suggestion for Early-Bird promotion

In this scenario instead, we have a long-distance event, Labor’s day, where our occupancy is low.
Since the dates are pretty far ahead, the system suggests to create an early-booker promotion.

Even here Vik Booking comes to help you: look at the suggestion message displayed under the Forecast and act immediately.

Are you ready to boost your reservations? Let your business grow with Vik Booking.

Choose the flexibility of Vik Booking, the strongest and powerful hotel booking engine plugin for accommodation on WordPress.
Invent your strategy to attract more guests and more bookings.

Discover these and many other functions of Vik Booking 1.3

Vik Booking new features:

  • New back-end and front-end framework. This is a major release that introduces hundreds of improvements and tens of new features
  • Brand New design. This version has a new responsive look & feel in the entire back-end
  • Guest Reviews. Those who are also using Vik Channel Manager will be able to start receiving reviews from the guests for their stays
  • Occupancy Forecast. A new widget has been placed in the Dashboard as well as in the page Rates Overview to monitor the future occupancy
  • Reports Graphs and Sheets. Certain reports, such as the occupancy ranking, will render the data also on line charts
  • Shared Calendars. It is now possible to link the availability calendars between multiple rooms
  • Upsell Extra Services. Guests will be able to upgrade their bookings (website and OTAs/Channels) by ordering some extra services through your site at any time
  • OTA Booking details. Any reservation downloaded by the Channel Manager will be also visible by your guests on your website
  • Back-end reservations with front-end rate plans. The page Calendar will now display the front-end rate plans for selection
  • Rates Calculator Book Now button. The useful tool of the Rates Overview will now let you use a Book Now button to quickly book a room-rate plan combination
  • Custom Documents for Customers. It is now possible to upload custom files for any customers to keep track of them
  • New compact layout for multiple rooms bookings. Booking multiple rooms, like a group of rooms, is much faster now


  • Booking History. Added several new events to keep track of any modification made for a booking
  • Vik Channel Manager. Automatic triggering of reports, reviews download and opportunities with a new promotion sync system
  • OTA Reviews Module. You will now be able to display your website reviews as well as the Global Score of your property(s)
  • FontAwesome updated. The FontAwesome library was updated to their latest version
  • New back-end filtering options. Added several new filters in the back-end Views
  • Pre-checkin for OTA bookings. Guests can now self check-in even if they booked through an external channel


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