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In Vik Rent Items it is possible to translate any contents without needing any third party extension. Such contents are the Names and the Descriptions of the Items, the Characteristics, the Rate Plans, the Taxes, the Options and any other content that can be created from the Vik Rent Items Administration side.

From the page Global - Translations, it is possible to translate the contents in various languages, all the ones available on your WordPress website. From the WordPress Admin side > Settings > General > Site Languages parameter, you can get a list of all the available and installed languages.

The screen shot above shows that the Default language for the website front-end, is English. This means that all the names and the descriptions of the items or any other content created through Vik Rent Items, should be in English and not in any other language.
By selecting a content to be translated from the drop down menu, the system will load all the Translations saved for such contents, in the various languages. Each translatable field will display a Warning icon, whenever no translations are available, while a Green icon will be displayed next to the fields that have a translation. Make sure to not be using empty translations or just white spaces in order to avoid unexpected results.

Last Update: 2021-02-26
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