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The latest version 1.3 was released on March 23rd 2020. This is one of the biggest updates ever made! Some new astonishing functions were implemented thanks to the suggestions and the cooperation of our clients, among webmasters and hotel managers. This is a version created for you.

Our team have just released a new important update for VikUpdater, that solves minor issues for the themes overrides updates!

The VikWP team is proud to announce that its first developed plugin for Joomla, the 8-year experienced system, the jewel of the company, Vik Rent Car, is now available for the biggest CMS platform among the web.
And you know, big plugins can only work with the best solution for your online business, so Vik Rent Car could not be missing! Yes, we are talking about WordPress!

The European Data Protection Regulation will be applicable as of May 25th 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. The main questions: are the Vik Plugins compliant with this new law? What actions should be taken in order to be compliant?

EU GDPR - Vik Plugins small

Using an SMTP service on your WordPress website for sending automated email message to your customers can speed up the loading process of the pages, and it can ensure the delivery of the message. Try our free plugin Vik Mail SMTP!

WordPress SMTP Service

The online business for Hotels and any other Accommodations can go the next level with e4jConnect. Have you ever thought of what benefits could bring a complete solution fully integrated with your WordPress website?

Hotel Booking Engine and Channel Manager for WordPress

We are thrilled to announce the launch of VikWP - VikWordPress.com: a new and promising Plugin Marketplace entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress!

New Plugins for WordPress

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