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No Results/Availability

No Results/Availability on some dates

If you are getting an error message saying something like "No room is available for booking for 14 Nights, 2 Adults, 1 Child" when making a search for a booking then it means that the rooms were not configured correctly.
These are some scenarios that could be causing the availability error and you should check the configuration in the administrator section of VikBooking:

  1. All the Rooms have been booked for those dates. Use the page Availability Overview to get a list of the remaining availability on those dates.
  2. The remaining Rooms could be temporarily set as "Locked" because a customer tried to make a booking without paying for it. This means that the status of the booking is "Stand-By" and the rooms will be kept as locked for the amount of minutes defined in the Configuration page. Remove the pending booking from the All Bookings page or use the Dashboard to unlock the rooms.
  3. None of the rooms is configured for accepting 2 Adults and 1 Child in this example. Please check the minimum and maximum number of Adults, Children and Total People (Adults + Children) from the Rooms List page.
  4. The page Rates Table doesn't have a cost for 14 nights for any of the rooms in this example. The system requires to have a cost for any number of nights allowed. If there isn't a cost for the number of nights requested (14 in this example), bookings will not be possible.

One or more of the above scenarios must be causing such error messages.

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