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Javascript Conflicts

The Calendar is not working

If the jQuery UI Calendar is not working on your website then it's because your page has a Javascript Conflict.
A Javascript file is responsible of this "conflict". Since this file could be called by either the template, a widget or a plugin, a manual debug of the source code is always required in order to understand the reason of this problem.
If you are using some widgets from VikWP that came along with VikBooking, the first thing that you should do is disabling the setting "Load jQuery" from the Widgets Page in the Administrator section.
If the problem persists we need to debug the source code of the page that is not showing the calendar.
The calendar is generated by jQuery UI, a javascript library that implements the standard functions of the javascript framework jQuery. In order to make the Calendar work, in the souce html code of the page, after the library jQuery UI another jQuery library cannot be called otherwise jQuery will be reset and your browser will "forget" the functions needed to render the Calendar.
Usually these problems are caused by Widgets because they are rendered after the plugin so, if they use jQuery, the file will be called after the jQuery UI library making the calendar not work.
This is an example of a correct source code that renders the jQuery UI Calendar correctly:
correct source code example for the calendar
Vik Booking - Calendar problem
You can see that after the library jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.min.js no more jQuery libraries are called so the browser is able to render the calendar correctly.
Here is an example of an incorrect source code that generates a Javascript error in your browser console:
incorrect source code example for the calendar
not working jquery ui calendar example
Another jQuery library is called after the file jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.min.js and this way the browser will forget how to render the calendar because jQuery has been reset.

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